Emergency Road Operation
EMERGENCY NUMBER: 061 399 0991

We are currently in the process of updating our national emergency road operation services – please check back soon or get in touch with our team for further enquiries.

When there is a medical emergency, the first 60 minutes is known as the ‘golden hour’. It refers to the opportunity to provide appropriate emergency medical assistance and care that will make a positive impact on the patient’s health. We place emphasis on providing appropriate care during this crucial time, including ensuring our paramedics are available, equipped and trained to treat patients in the shortest time possible.

Patient health is our priority, and for this reason we pull out all stops in ensuring we provide premium quality care and continuously optimise our processes for efficiency. This is evident in the quality of service each patient receives in their time of need.

All our vehicles are roadworthy, adequately equipped with GPS and satellite tracking in order to reach patients through the quickest and best routes. There is no room for delays, and our team fully understands this.

Our medical emergency services are available in Johannesburg South:


24-hour emergency medical assistance


Transfers between hospitals


Transfers between private facilities

In case of emergency call 061 399 0991 for 24hour emergency medical assistance.

*We are registered and accredited with the Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF) and are registered with all medical aids.